Alyssa Céline Berrez (LYZZ) indulges into what lays beyond the verge of the bodily. Through the mediums of sculpture, FX and performance, she captures a campy post-human take on femme

identity along with the body’s properties of eternal strength and healing.

Thanks to years of experience in the field of performance, she still finds herself on the path of discovering the limits of the physical and psyche - believing that in a damaged world of overstimulation and dissociation, the connection between body and soul is scarcely realizable. The exploration of those peripheral spaces and how far one can push them, this purgatory of body and mind, are at the center of her artistic journey.

By re-enforcing the idea of strength within vulnerability, she explores paralysis through an obscure, horror driven peephole. The use of hyper-eroticism and nudity become a medium for communicating the value to be found within vulnerability. Her artistic intentions lay both in healing and connecting herself, as well as others, through ritualistic sculptural manifestations; intimate casting sessions which expose the power of feeling the body anew.

The study of liminality, the feeling of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs within transitory states, finds its mirror in the sculptures. During the casting process the castee enters liminality, stuck in between states. This liminal state resembles a purgatorial experience, having to reflect on one’s own experience with the body. The final sculpture freezes this moment of liminality manifesting it above any narrative. Life-casts transform into screenshots of apocalyptic youth.

Alyssa Celine Berrez 2023, Artist, DJ and Special FX Makeup-Artist
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